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by Ian Dixon
on 14 May, 2016

Smartphone app's popularity spikes amid DC Metro's ongoing woes


WASHINGTON, May 10, 2016 – The DC Metro and Bus app topped 1 million downloads in April as weary commuters dealt with Metro shutdowns and ongoing safety concerns about the Red Line. Frustrated riders downloaded the app on both the iOS and Android platforms in an effort to better plan their trips to avoid delays.

According to the app's developer, Ian Dixon, the full shutdown of all Metrorail lines on March 16 was the event that pushed the app over the 1 million mark. The unprecedented move to accommodate safety inspections following a tunnel fire left D.C. residents scrambling to find alternate methods of travel. "There was a 43 percent increase in user installs during the 30-day period beginning with the Metro system-wide shutdown compared to the previous 30-day period. That's significant."

As concerns about extended delays mount in the wake of Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld's May 6 announcement of Metro's SafeTrack maintenance surge, riders are actively seeking ways to manage their commutes. The DC Metro and Bus app provides real-time information about Metrorail and Metrobus arrivals at every station in the system so riders can compare actual arrival times with the schedule and plan their commutes. The app also provides service alerts and updates, along with maps of rail lines and bus routes.

The DC Metro and Bus app was launched by Dixon in October 2012. He built it as proof of concept in his Arlington, VA apartment with the goal of providing transit information as a service to the greater D.C. community better than any app had managed to do in the past. For Dixon, the local focus is crucial: "We don't try to conquer the world. We're only focused on D.C. area transit, and that's what allows us to do it better than anyone else."

The app gained an immediate following upon its release, and today serves about 100,000 unique users per month — a number expected to rise with the Metro maintenance scheduled for the coming year.

Google Play reviewer Lavonia Phillips is a fan: "I don't know what I would do without this app. I would be late to a lot of things."

Another iPhone user agrees that the DC Metro and Bus app is addressing a need, saying that "The accuracy of this app is amazing, especially given the unpredictable nature of the Metro system. It has helped me better navigate the system on countless occasions."

For his part, Dixon is glad to help. "Whether it's letting a rider learn about a maintenance delay on their line or helping people get to work to keep this city running, I'm glad DC Metro and Bus is able to do its part. I believe this app can play an important role in helping riders overcome this difficult period in the region's transit system, and can make riding Metrorail and Metrobus a better experience."

About DC Metro and Bus

DC Metro and Bus is a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android. It is free to download at the iTunes App Store and at Google Play. Developed by Ian Dixon of Dixon Mobility, LLC, DC Metro and Bus can be found on the web at



by Ian Dixon
on 11 December, 2015

We're extremely proud to announce that this week, Dixon Mobility was awarded Top Developer status on Google Play by the Google Play editorial staff. This exclusive and hard-to-come-by designation is a reflection of the quality and popularity of our transit apps and the great feedback provided by our awesome users, and coincides with the launch of our latest transit app, NY Subway and Bus.

From Google Play:

"The best apps and games and the developers who create them are awarded badges by the Google Play editorial staff: Editors’ Choice, Top Developer, and others. Displayed with the app and developer name when they are seen in Google Play, they give users an additional level of trust and confidence in your apps."

by Ian Dixon
on 04 January, 2014

In the coming weeks, users of the Android version of LA Metro Bus will be receiving a completely overhauled update of the application. The new version will be native Android (currently HTML5 hybrid), and will feature a much enhanced user experience, with an emphasis on location awareness and smart prediction display.

Stay tuned.

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