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by Ian Dixon
on 14 July, 2013

So I have decided to port one or two apps over to Windows Phone. My primary motivation was getting an award Nokia Windows Phone device for pushing out the first app more than actually publishing in Window Phone. For me, the market share is still too low to provide the ROI I'd need to commit the time. But, it is a platform I'd like to keep an eye on, and it's fun to learn.

I decided to port over my most simple cross-platform app (SmarTrip Balance. A simple jQueryMobile app) over to Windows Phone. It's currently published in both the App Store and Google Play using PhoneGap and seemed like low hanging fruit. I also aimed to use PhoneGap Build, a cloud based build tool that allows you to upload the web assets of a mobile application and download installable apps for each platform. Depending on how this whole thing goes, I may consider building a native Windows App in the future, but for the time being I'll probably limit my Windows Phone projects to mobile web apps.

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